Within only a few short hours of being back in Victoria, Rebecca has had some eye-opening truths thrown her way. Suddenly, who does and who doesn’t have her best interest in mind becomes very clear. One thing is for certain, her ‘best friend’ Emma has never been someone she could trust.

Maybe a trip up Vancouver Island to visit Nan and Pop Collins is just what the three need. Some space from the crazy ex-boyfriend and a break from the city. Not to mention, it’s an excellent opportunity for Rebecca to finally meet Shamus and Claire. Excitement runs high as they prepare to leave, but so does the tension when Max declares he’s in love with Rebecca.

While out in the country visiting, new dilemmas crop up, and the brothers still haven’t smoothed out their earlier differences. Will these new challenges bring them closer together, or could this be what finally tears them apart for good?


With Max in the shower, Rebecca heads back to Aiden’s room. When she opens the door to find his bed empty, her heart skips.

If he’s already up, why didn’t he come to Max’s room to get her?

Her mind twists as her heart sinks.

Maybe he did come to the room and decided against coming in when he heard us this morning.

Unsure why she’s suddenly feeling guilt for something Aiden was not only fully aware of but prompted her to do. Rebecca decides a hot shower might help wash away the insecurities before she has to face him.

As the water cascades over her body, images of her last 12 hours with Max flood her mind. It seemed as though neither of them could get enough of the taste of each other last night. The truth she felt in Max’s words when he asked her to spend the night with him, ‘If Aiden wanted you in his bed, he would have come to collect you by now.’ Then, of course, there was the way Max had made love to her this morning with so much passion. The rush she felt as he gazed deep into her eyes and worked out every last spasm of her orgasm. Then his final confession, ‘I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love with you, Becca.’




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