This is both books of Contracted to Mr. Collins

‘The Unusual Proposal’ & ‘Decisions’

Identical twin brothers, Aiden and Max Collins, have always shared everything, even their women. That is until Rebecca D’Angelo came along.
The day she was supposed to be applying for her dream position, she came in like a flurry, accidentally tossing her latte on Aiden, the CEO of Collins Enterprises. It was love at first sight. Except, one was too embarrassed, and the other was too angry to know what hit him at the time, honestly.

Both amazed and thrilled that she has made it through to the final round of the interviews, Rebecca’s a bundle of nerves when she finds out that Aiden will be conducting them. She’s even more so shocked when not only does he hand her two contracts to consider, but he insists on taking her to lunch.
Of course, neither lunch nor the contracts are quite what Rebecca’s expecting, and before she knows it, her life takes a significant turn.

However, things aren’t quite what Aiden is expecting either. Max has cancelled the trip Aiden had explicitly sent him on to get him out of town so he could explore Miss D’Angelo without interference. Now, Rebecca is on Max’s radar.

An adventure is inevitable when Max takes them all to Jamacia but when Max declares his love for Rebecca, a silent war begins to brew between the two brothers and some serious lines get crossed.

In the end, a decision will need to be made and ultimately it will be placed in Rebecca’s hands. Will it be Max or Aiden? Surely she can’t have both or can she?.


Adult content and language 18+



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