It all started when Rebecca D’Angelo heard about the available account executive position at Collins Enterprises, offering a whopping $75,000 base salary. She immediately put together a stunning portfolio and marched downtown to apply. Finding herself on deadline and unsure of where to go, she darts toward the information desk. At first, Rebecca has no idea what she has run into.

As she crashes to the floor and her latte and portfolio launch into the air. Her only thought — thankfully, she protected her documents with a plastic case. However, that quickly escapes her when a set of large hands wrap around her arms, and a deep rumbling voice echoes above her. “Jesus Christ! This is not a schoolyard, young lady!”
Her sight settles on a stunning 6’4” structure of a man that looks as if he has just stepped off the cover of a GQ Magazine. Suddenly, there’s no mistaking who this man is — Aiden Collins, CEO of Collins Enterprises.

Just when she thinks all opportunity is lost, Rebecca makes it to the final round of interviews, but there’s a catch. The final interview will be conducted by none other than Aiden Collins himself. Yep. Her dream job depends on the man she ticked off. Oh, and as it turns out, Aiden has his own plans for Rebecca.

The eye-opening experiences keep coming for Rebecca as the weeks turn into months. For one, she quickly learns Aiden is not the man she had thought he was. For starters, he happens to have an identical twin brother, Max. Secondly, the lifelong friends she thought she knew and could trust start showing their true colours.

As the excitement unfolds, so do the dilemmas. Aiden may have fallen in love with her, but so did Max. How and when will this all end?

Adult content and language 18+




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