Contracted to Mr. Collins – Decisions

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Max, the hot dirty side of the Collins brothers has just declared his love for Rebecca and Aiden is fuming. As twins they had a pact – they can share but you must keep your feelings in check. Apparently, there are no rules in the game of love.

‘I Really enjoyed this book. The characters are relatable and lovable. I had a hard time putting it down.  —  M. Warde

 After a run-in with Rebecca’s ex, Alex, the brothers decide to take her up island to meet their grandparents. Excitement is running high until the following morning when they’re set to leave. Max has a sudden awakening that causes friction between him and his brother. Still, with tension high, the planned trip moves forward, and both brothers do their best not to raise alarms, but Nan is no fool. 

Nan and Pop take an instant shine to Rebecca and never having grandparents of her own, she’s just as taken by them. Not to mention the tiny village of Gold River they live in.

With the help of Nan and Pop, the brothers finally mend their relationship, and Aiden suggests relocating. It will rid them of Rebecca’s ex, hopefully for good this time and allow them the leisurely lifestyle she’s always dreamed of. Especially now that there is a baby coming.

The decision is made, and the land next to Nan and Pop is purchased. All Aiden has to do now is go back to Victoria for a few weeks to settle Natasha into his position. Rebecca will be okay alone with Max till he gets back, right?

Unfortunately, Aiden misjudged Max, and now he’s not even sure if it’s worth returning.

Contracted to Mr. Collins – Decisions
-Erotic Romance
-Urban adult
-Romantic Adventure
-Dramatic Romance
-Adult Fiction

Due to adult situations and language, this title is rated 18+  


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