Contracted to Mr. Collins – The Unusual Proposal

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Contracted to Mr. Collins – The Unusual Proposal is a steamy erotic romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat as the almighty Aiden Collins – gorgeous CEO of Collins Enterprises – takes his new account executive on the date of her life.

— Seriously addictive story! So many things I did not see coming at all! It’s sexy but funny at the same time. Can’t wait to start part 2!

— C.J

Hearing about an account executive position at Collins Enterprises with a $75,000 base salary, Rebecca D’Angelo is eager to apply. Putting together a stunning portfolio and an impressive résumé, she marches herself directly down to the head office. As she struts toward the building with a purpose, a notice on the front door catches her eye.

DEADLINE – Résumés for the Account Executive position must be received no later than 10 am this morning.

She checks her phone – 9:51 am.

Panicking, she darts toward the information desk. At first, Rebecca has no idea what she’s run into – a moving brick wall?

Crashing to the floor, her latte and portfolio launch into the air. Her first thought – thankfully, my documents are in a protective cover. Then a set of large hands wrap around her arms and a deep rumbling voice echoes above. “Jesus Christ! This is not a schoolyard, young lady!”

Rebecca slowly peers up, her eyes anchoring on the most gorgeous creature she has ever seen. His beautiful cobalt blue eyes shine like stars against a perfect bronze tan, emphasized by neatly combed black hair that flawlessly tapers to meet a designer beard. She can feel the power radiating off his 6’4” GQ cover body as he wipes her latte from his crisp white shirt and expensive Armani suit. There’s no mistaking who this man is — Aiden Collins, CEO of Collins Enterprises.


Surprisingly, she’s made it to the final round of interviews. Though, today’s interview will be conducted by the one and only — Aiden Collins himself. Yep. That’s right. That means her fate at Collins Enterprises now lies solely in his hands.

On the bright side, it’s been three weeks since the latte incident, and after all, she has made it this far. That must mean he’s forgotten. Right?

— I absolutely love this book!!! I’m not much of a reader, but this book caught my attention, and I was hooked

— Sherree

Contracted to Mr. Collins – The Unusual Proposal
-Erotic Romance 
-Romantic Adventure
-Urban Drama
-Adult Fiction
-Drama Romance
-Urban Romance

Due to adult situations and language, this title is rated 18+  


Books 1 & 2
Immortal Treasures

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