SJ. Turner, Author of Contracted to Mr. Collins 

At an early age, SJ. Turner used to steal her mother’s romance novels and tuck them under her pillow to read late at night. One could say her love for a good romance started early. However, the first novel that truly left an impact was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It’s a story that has managed to stick with her throughout the years.

As a teen, poetry became a useful source of expressing those deep emotions some teens find challenging to release. And after several years she finally submitted a few poems to a poetry contest. Today, two of those poems are published in a 2002 collection.

In 2018 a family member had suggested writing a book and within a few months, Contracted to Mr. Collins was born. Though it was written mainly to amuse family and friends, the unedited version was uploaded to a self-publishing site. Yes, unedited and open to the public.

To her surprise, it was not only selling but there were requests for a follow-up book. That could only mean one thing, there’d have to be a book 2.

Where to find SJ’s work

There have now been several versions of Contracted to Mr. Collins released, the latest under the imprint of Cozy Reads Publishing. Both books one and two have brand new twists and new titles. 
Contracted to Mr. Collins ~ The Unusual Proposal
Contracted to Mr. Collins ~ Decisions

Both Titles can be found on most major online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Chapters.Indigo, Taylor & Baker, Smashwords & Google Play. 

Other Work out and coming

In the meantime, SJ has written a short story with internationally published author Dorian Keys. The short story ‘The Fuse’ is published in his creatively crafted collection ‘Morning Star’ and is currently available on Amazon.  

Though SJ. is currently known as an erotic romance author, a new fantasy adventure novel ‘Immortal Treasures’ is tentatively set for publication in the fall of 2021. 

When you have a love for literature, there’s a new adventure inside the pages of every book.


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